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Developers and their corporate lobbyists give millions of dollars to State and local politicians in an effort to buy influence. Politicians, dependent on these campaign contributions, make bad planning decisions that serve these donors’ interests. The result is horrific traffic, school overcrowding, and a housing affordability crisis. As long as we continue to allow moneyed interests to influence policy, the situation will keep getting worse. I am the only candidate in this race who has never taken campaign contributions from developers or real estate interests and I pledge never to do so. I will fight back against developers’ efforts to pass state laws that force local communities to accept more bad developments. Since being elected to the Fremont City Council, I have been a champion for smart growth and against poorly planned, unaffordable housing projects. I have master’s degrees in Transportation Engineering and City Planning from UC Berkeley and worked as a traffic engineer. I will use my education and experience to work for intelligent regional planning and improved transit options, such as Valley Link, and implement bold and creative policies that will reverse the decline in our region’s quality of life.


We rely on donations from residents, not corporations or developers.

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Full text of Vinnie’s introductory video

I’m Vinnie Bacon and I’m running for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

I decided to run for Fremont City Council in 2008 after I saw the council approve the Patterson Ranch housing development, a poorly planned luxury development in a sensitive environmental area that was opposed by our school superintendent. I have masters degrees in City Planning and Transportation Engineering from UC Berkeley. I understand what good City Planning is, and this wasn’t it.

I was outraged to learn that the developer and property owners had donated thousands of dollars to members of the city council. Because I saw the direct connection between developer money and bad planning decisions, I pledged never to take money from developers or real estate interests.
I won a seat on the Council in 2012. Unfortunately, I was regularly out-voted four to one on votes related to development.

I continued to support candidates for Fremont city council that pledged not to take developer money and, since 2018, we finally have a majority on our City Council that have made this pledge.

While the Fremont City Council has changed to being less developer-friendly, the battle is not over. Many State and regional leaders are proposing to solve the housing crisis by forcing cities to accept more luxury housing development. Studies show that we already have enough housing – luxury housing sits vacant while the homeless population grows. These developer-friendly policies will only make our housing crisis worse.

As a member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors I will fight for more intelligent regional planning, based on what is actually needed – not what will make more profits for developers.

The jobs-rich parts of the Bay Area like the Peninsula need to do their fair share when it comes to providing housing that is affordable for our local workforce. For too long, Silicon x Valley workers have been forced to find affordable housing options to the east, creating a crisis of affordability and traffic gridlock.

Many of the campaign donors to the Board of Supervisor candidates are ones that have the potential to benefit from decisions made and money distributed by the Board of Supervisors. This is unacceptable! People deserve politicians that are not bought and sold.

I am the only clean money candidate in this race. I have never taken developer money. I don’t take money from corporations, lobbyists or political action committees. Candidates in this race have taken money from PG&E, fossil fuel companies, corporate lobbyists, and of course, developers. How can politicians that take money from these sources truly represent our interests? The truth is that they can’t.

If you share my views on clean money politics, I need your support.

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