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New Position Papers on the Housing Crisis and Traffic and Regional Planning


Vinnie discusses two issues that are very important to Alameda County residents. On housing, Vinnie explains how developers have had their way and built the wrong type of housing and in the wrong location.  The result is a crisis of affordability for most people.  On traffic, Vinnie explains that the jobs / housing imbalance is preventable with adequate regional planning.

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  • Legislature, and one of my opponents, give PG&E a $10-20 Billion bailout (Link)
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Campaigning at the Fremont Festival of the Arts


Vinnie Bacon Announces his candidacy for the

Alameda County Board of Supervisors - District 1

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Hi. My name is Vinnie Bacon and I’m running for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in District 1.

I’m happy to announce my candidacy on President’s Day, in a country where average residents like me are not only free to complain about their government, but are free to run for office themselves when they see the need for change.

I’m currently a member of the Fremont City Council. I decided to run for City Council in 2008 because I saw that our then current Council members took money from those with a financial interest in development, and then voted for developments that I did not think were good for Fremont. I ran on a platform of Clean Money, pledging never to take money from developers.

For a while I was the only one on the City Council who made such a commitment. Then I helped get a new mayor elected – Mayor Lily Mei – who also has no financial ties to developers. I’m very pleased to announce that in 2018 we now have four Council members, a majority, that have always pledged to never take developer money.

In all my campaigns I have never taken money from real estate developers. In my campaign for supervisor I will continue this pledge and I also pledge not to take donations from any political action committee (also known as PACs) or lobbying organizations. Candidates should simply not take money from groups who stand to profit off of decisions that they may make as elected officials. I believe that this is a matter of integrity and ethics that every local elected official should adhere to.

I have served on the Fremont City Council for the last six years. I’ve been a consistent voice against the poorly planned overdevelopment of housing that has led to the problems of excessive traffic and school overcrowding that Southern Alameda County has seen. I believe strongly that we need to plan and develop in a way that benefits the existing residents, not residential developers seeking to make a profit.

I have Masters Degrees in City Planning and Transportation Engineering from UC Berkeley. The lack of competent regional planning has led to the horrible traffic we are experiencing today.

Clearly, regional planning efforts over the last decade have failed the residents of Livermore, Dublin and Fremont. Many of these residents find themselves facing very long commutes into the Peninsula or Silicon Valley as that’s where the majority of the area’s best jobs are. Only an enormous failure of good planning could have resulted in our area having some the worst commutes in the entire Bay Area.

Giving in to profit-motivated residential developers is a very large part of why our regional commutes are so bad.

One of the biggest recent developments in Fremont was by the new Warm Springs BART station. We had a blank slate, a real chance to develop a modern, mixed-use transit oriented development. However, the city gave in to the desires of the developers who wanted primarily housing because that is the use that gives them the biggest profits. They proposed four thousand, yes four thousand, new homes by the station with little retail or commercial space.

This terrible decision will result in worse traffic because the residents of this supposedly transit-oriented development will have to drive to meet most of their daily needs like picking up groceries for their families. Traffic in this area is sure to be an even worse nightmare once these homes are developed. Again, an enormous opportunity to develop in a way that would reduce traffic was lost.

Despite pressure from staff, developers and other Council members, I stood my ground and voted no on this project that was approved by the Fremont City Council on a 4 to 1 vote.

As a County Supervisor, I will continue my fight to stop the profit-driven poorly planned developments that are creating traffic gridlock, threatening our open spaces, and damaging the quality of life in the Bay Area.

I have a proven track record of being a clean money candidate. I also have a track record of only approving development that is genuinely good for the City of Fremont. I want to bring this experience to the level of Alameda County.

I would be honored to continue my service to the residents of southern alameda county by serving as your next member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in District 1.