Helpful sign in Burlingame

I’m glad to announce that Fremont was recently given a bronze award by the League of American Bicyclists for our dedication to making Fremont a ‘safe, comfortable and convenient place for people to bike’. This is a big deal as there are only several hundred cities across the country to have earned this award.

Personally, I usually ride over 100 miles a week on city streets and I know how difficult and scary it can be to ride a bike in crowded traffic. I see firsthand how different cities are doing in making their streets more bike friendly. I’m always glad to get back into Fremont, not just because I’m close to home, but because I know I’m in one of the more bike friendly cities in the Bay Area.

Pictured here is a photo from the City of Burlingame which recently made changes to part of my regular route home on California Drive. These included a bright green painted bike lane where bike and car traffic cross, signs to tell drivers to stay in their lane (pictured here), and a bike lane with a ‘door zone’ where bikes have to ride next to parked cars (see comments).

I have also been asked to attend a ride in Fremont put on by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition on July 19. The SVBC heard about our award and wanted to do a ride in Fremont to see some of the things we’ve implemented.