Last Friday at the meeting of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority I was glad to vote for two of the five projects recommended by staff. (The other three will be voted on soon.)

The biggest project was $57 million over five years for a restoration project near Alviso in north San Jose. This project will restore 2,900 acres of salt ponds, provide flood protection, and create new public trails.

I was also glad to see a project approved at Coyote Hills Regional Park. Coyote Hills is very special to me as my first local political action was trying to prevent excessive development next to the park.

I was also glad to hear about future plans to connect the Bay Trail from Eden Landing in Hayward, south to Alameda Creek. Currently, on my favorite Bayside bike ride I have to hop onto surface roads for a lot of the ride. Would be much nicer to just stay on the trail and enjoy the Bay.

One of my favorite jobs was working at Save the Bay helping to preserve and restore the wonderful natural resource that we have right here at home.