Vinnie & Congressman Ro Khanna discuss the issues

0:00 – Moderator Introduction, 2:00 – Vinnie’s Introduction, 5:30 – Congressman Khanna’s Introduction, 10:50 – COVID Stimulus Package/Local COVID Actions, 14:50 – Green New Deal/Green Jobs, 17:25 – Reimaging Criminal Justice & Police in America, 21:45 – USPS & Election Security, 26:10 – Ro’s Goodbye

In this flashback video, we revisit Vinnie’s popular 2010 TV ad. To this day, residents of Fremont still talk to Vinnie about the “commercial with your dog that barked Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!” when they see him.

Vinnie’s General Election Ad

Vinnie’s General Election Campaign Ad

The 30 second TV ad that the campaign ran during the primary

Vinnie discusses his endorsement from the Sierra Club

Vinnie talks about how Participatory Budgeting can help our community decide what our priorities should be.
Vinnie discusses the lack of affordable housing in our region.

Vinnie talks about his victory in the primary and what it’s like campaigning during a pandemic

Vinnie discusses how to handle the economic fallout of COVID
Vinnie discusses how we pay for affordable housing.
Vinnie discusses our regional jobs/housing imbalance and the consequences for traffic and housing.
Vinnie discusses his support for Green Jobs